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Termites Pest Control

Termites can cause serious property damage, so if you believe
that they’ve invaded your space, you need a reliable team to
come in and get rid of them before they truly wreak havoc.

Effective Termite Control Services in the San Jose Area

Every year, termites cause an incredible amount of damage to residential and commercial properties across the United States. It’s impossible to arrive at a precise monetary figure for the destruction termites create, but it is estimated that the annual toll is well over $5 billion in property damage. Termites flourish in warm weather and are commonly found throughout the state of California. This means that your property is vulnerable to infestation. When potentially destructive termites invade your home or business, it’s time to call experienced termite removal specialists. You can find them at Echobots Termite Control Near Me.

While the idea of a termite infestation can be daunting, at Echobots Termite Inspection Near Me, we make it easy for you to eliminate the intruders with little to no effort. We pride ourselves on treating our customers to the Orange Oil advantage, a natural solution to most termite infestations. Orange Oil is derived from orange peels, and its organic nature means that we can remove the problem, without having to displace you and your family to do so.

Termite-Damaged Wood Repair

Discovering termite infested wood is never a good feeling, but Echobots Termite is here to help! In addition to providing an estimate for termite inspection, we also provide experienced carpentry services. Our inspectors can arrange for a bundled quote for any repairs to existing termite damaged wood. While repairing termite damage, like most things, is almost always more expensive than termite prevention, we will do our best to make fixing either of these problems as hassle free and affordable as possible.

What Are the Risks of Termites?

A termite control results in significant property damage. Your home is often your biggest asset, so extensive damage can make life difficult for you and your family for years to come.

The repairs needed to fix the damage caused by termites can be expensive—and the longer termites are able to cause damage, the costlier these repairs can be. The cost to repair or replace wood damaged by termites is usually anywhere from 3-10 times as expensive as a termite treatment. The longer you wait to take care of termite inspection, the more expensive it will be in the long run. Basically, the sooner you use a termite treatment method to exterminate any termites, the better it will be for both your property and your wallet.

Signs of Termites

There are several signs of termites being on your property. These include:

  • Damage inside your home, such as holes and cracks in wood or bubbling paint.
  • Termite mud tubes, a termite transport method fashioned from wood cellulose or dirt. Whether on your ceiling, stairs, or outdoors, they indicate if termites are active on your property.
  • Termite droppings, which may have the appearance of sawdust or a dark powder.
  • Flying termites or discarded wings from a termite swarm.

If you see any of these on your property, you may have a termite problem. Reach out to Echobots Termite Services as soon as possible for a complete termite inspection near me.

What causes termite infestation?

Local geography and weather increase the chances of your property attracting termites. While you can’t change these things, there are other risk factors more in your control.

Termites are attracted to wood, as they feed on its cellulose, so wooden structures can attract an infestation. Consider getting rid of nearby stumps and making sure firewood isn’t stacked too close to your home. Moisture is another risk factor. Everything from leaks in your pipes to a lack of drainage around your home can attract termites. Eliminating these problems will lessen your chances for termites. Lastly, cracks in your foundation or siding can be an open door for termites.

What’s Involved in A Termite Inspection?

During your termite inspection, an inspector will closely examine everything from outdoor areas to construction joints, crawlspaces, basements, and attics. The inspection will cover areas of your home or business you use every day, but a professional will understand how to look for signs of termites that may be invisible to the untrained eye.

How often do I need a termite inspection?

We recommend annual inspections by a trusted termite control company. However, if you see any signs of termite infestation, don’t hesitate to schedule a visit as soon as possible. Remember, the longer a termite problem goes untreated, the more extensive and expensive the damage can become.

Termite Treatment Application Methods

Rodding and drilling are two termite treatment methods. Drilling means drilling into your foundation in order to put pesticide in place; with rodding, a trench for pesticide is dug in the soil around an infested area.

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